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Environmentally Friendly Plastics

We’ve heard your feedback and are now transitioning to a more environmentally friendly 4 pack can handle! Our can carrying handles are now 100% recyclable and use less plastic than the typical black style handles we’ve used in the past.

Pigmented plastics are more challenging to recycle and have less market value than clear plastics.  Clear plastics have the highest market value and can go into both clear or pigmented plastic streams. Consequently, some recycling facilities consider certain pigmented plastics contaminants in the recycling stream and subsequently dispose of them instead of recycling them. Choosing a clear plastic ensures that it will be recycled since it offers the most flexibility for material recovery facilities.

The next time you toss one of our cans into the bin, be sure to recycle the packaging it came in!


Visit our friends over at Roberts PolyPro for details.