Stone Corral


Wild West Beer Shoot-Out

Taste test at Stone Corral!
Stone Corral Brewery is excited to hold a friendly competition
and we need you to decide the winner.
We are releasing two brews on draft that have an identical hop and grain bill. One beer is fermented with ale yeast while the other with lager yeast.
Join us in the taproom, starting February 7th, to taste both our Annie Oakley India Pale Ale and Buffalo Bill Cody India Pale Lager.
Take in the flavors and let your palette decide which is best!

Have some fun with us and cast your vote for the best tasting gunslinger! 
Keep an eye on social media for periodic updates to see which gunslinger is leading the competition and if your favorite will take the crown.

What’s the difference?

Simply put, lagers are brewed using bottom-fermenting strains of yeast held at colder temperatures (around 40-52°F), while ales are brewed with a top-fermenting yeast that operates at warmer temperatures (around 55-77°F, usually).

Ale Yeast Produces esters which are a fruity flavor created during fermentation that can vary in taste and aroma between pears, roses, bananas or other light fruits.

Lager Yeast
Produces minimal notable flavors, providing a canvas for hops, malt, and adjunct ingredients to shine through with their true flavors alone.