Stone Corral


New distribution partnership with Calmont Beverage Co.

We here at Stone Corral are very pleased to announce our expanded relationship with our friends at Calmont Beverage Co.  Calmont will be conducting a trial distribution of Stone Corral beers for the entire State.
Beginning Monday, June 25th, the Calmont team will process and deliver orders to our Trailblazer distribution customers.  We believe that combining our resources and focusing on our strengths will provide you with better service and more beer(!) as we grow together. If you prefer, you may still place orders through the brewery, and the Calmont team will deliver your order.  But we also think you may find it easier to work directly with your Calmont sales representative.

As always, you are encouraged to contact the brewery team with any questions or special requests.  Now you will also have the Calmont team as a resource to help keep your coolers full.  As the summer progresses and our relationship evolves, please call or email with any feedback you may have.

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