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Annie Oakley IPA vs Buffalo Bill Cody IPL


For most, the choice is quick and easy, but for others, this opportunity to proudly put their discerning taste buds into action has been educational. Here at Stone Corral, we design beers to engross the taste buds and encourage the subtleties to be explored. We hope that our beers bring your brain and palette together in an invigorating experience of taste, fizz, and buzz.

This past month we asked our patrons to engage in our first ever Wild West Beer Shoot-Out. We value customer feedback and believe that every beer drinker deserves an opportunity to better understand the complexity of the beverages they imbibe. Beer boils down to four basic ingredients: water, hops, grain, and yeast. Our head brewer, Ryan McKeon, says “Rather than just explain to our customers how every ingredient plays a different role, we wanted to show them… When it comes to craft beer education, what better way to impart knowledge than in a pint glass.” So with the helping hands of Brand Manager, Travis Perrotte, that’s what they did.

Two identical beers were brewed with only one variance between the two: the yeast. Our Annie Oakley IPA was fermented on our own house ale yeast while our Buffalo Bill Cody IPL received our house lager yeast. Yeast imparts a unique, complex flavor profile within the beer. In addition, yeast aides in the creation of ethanol alcohol. When yeast is added to beer correctly, its flavors play in perfect harmony with carefully selected brewing ingredients. 

Choosing the right strain of yeast is a thoughtful process to get just the right blend of flavors. Having an abundance of different types of both ale and lager yeasts available, we felt this was an opportunity to experience the differences between our two house yeasts.

“The initial expectation was that our IPA would overwhelmingly take the win, based on current trends in beer culture,” said Travis. “We gave people an opportunity to decide for themselves and I think many were surprised. Everyone walked away with a better overall understanding of the role yeast plays in beer.” 

No matter which beer wins the shoot-out at the end of the month, we at Stone Corral had such pleasure, as we always do, engaging with so many of you. We hope you were able to expand your palette and mind while allowing for some quality, self-guided beer exploration, and education.

Voting is open until 2/29, so stop in for yourself and taste our Annie Oakley IPA and our Buffalo Bill Cody IPL. Take a moment to reconnect with why we drink beer in the first place: the love of the craft, the endless flavors and the uniqueness of the individual tasting experience.

The winner of the shoot-out will be announced on March 2nd, 2020 on Facebook and Instagram.


The ingredient list for both brews is as follows.

Hops: Rakau, Azzaca, Citra, Mandarina Bavaria.

Grain/Malt: Wheat, Oats, Pilsner Malt.

Yeast: House Ale and Lager yeast.

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