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Help us craft our Community Celebration beer!

UPDATE 6/3/2020

Exit 11 Vermont Valley Common is ready!

This is YOUR beer: Exit 11 Vermont Valley Common is an easy-drinking amber ale/lager hybrid created by the people, for the people in our first democratic, virtual community brewing experiment.

We handed you the reins through a series of online polls and crafted this brew especially for you. So, taste what you’ve created and show your love for the community by putting one of these in your hand the next time you have a beer.

Available in cans and on draft, exclusively at our taproom in Richmond, VT.
We are proudly donating a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Richmond Food Shelf & Thrift Store, Inc



UPDATE 5/9/2020

You Voted.  We listened.  Introducing Exit 11, a Vermont Valley Common Beer!  

Thank you for participating in our first ever community crowdsourced brew.  We are incredibly humbled by the engagement this project has received.  This beer’s ingredients, name and art represent our community and the towns that surround our interstate exit. 

Exit 11 was the overall winning name with 30% of the vote, and our runner up, Vermont Valley Common Beer, fit the newly blossomed brew’s description so well that we decided to use it as our style name. This name is influenced by the classic California Common Beer, or “Steam Beer.”*

*The term “Steam Beer” is trademarked by Anchor Brewing.

Exit 11 will be available in cans for your enjoyment by the beginning of June and a portion of the proceeds from this project will benefit local non-profit groups supporting our community.  

Stay tuned for a behind the scenes brew day video in the coming weeks. 

Thank you again to all those who participated in this community beer project; we are truly inspired. 


EXIT 11, label art designed by, Marie Lemonier.


UPDATE 4/28/2020

Welcome to the final round of our community beer project.

You’ve all done an amazing job building this brew. Your knowledge and opinions have come together to form a community focused beer we can all be proud of.

In our last survey, we asked you to suggest a name for our newly developing common style brew. We left the flood gates open and you suggested some very interesting names for us to mull over.

*We have put together a list of our favorite names you submitted. Please, take a moment to vote for the name you like best. The name with the most votes will be crowned the winner and printed on our beautiful new can design.

We have scheduled the community brew’s canning day for May 29th.

Thank you to everyone who played along with us. We can’t wait to taste this crowd-sourced, community brew with you!


*This survey has concluded.

UPDATE 4/22/2020

The votes are in!

Read all about the vote tally and the characteristics you chose in our Community Beer below.  Next up, name that beer!

Submit your suggestion for a great name. Remember, this beer represents our community. The Stone Corral team will select 5 to 10 of your best name suggestions. Then on 4/28 vote for your favorite name! 

Your beer:

In round one, you chose a beer that is medium-amber colored, 5.5% alcohol, and 3 out of 10 on the malty-to-hoppy scale.  Round two voting is in with some clear wins and some ties.  Your input was very diverse, and we are already planning some additional beers to meet your tastes so you lovers of dark, light, smoked, wheat, rye, strong, and low alcohol beers- we heard you loud and clear! 


Even with all the participant’s German lager and American ale were tied for the most votes!   Because there is no clear winner here, we are going to make a compromise.  Our German Lager yeast works well at ale fermentation temperatures, resulting in a clean, complex, and somewhat fruity beer, with some characteristics of both lager and ale.  This technique has been used since the mid-1800s to brew a style called California Common Beer, or “Steam Beer” (although that name is owned by Anchor Brewing).  Since we are brewing a community beer, we think the notion of a “common beer,” along with the compromise, is a great match.


Vienna and Munich malts were the clear winners here, and both will work perfectly with this brew.  Tied for third place are crystal malt and oats, so we will use both of these as well.


Sterling was the clear winner, followed by Mandarina Bavaria and Rakau.  These three will make a lovely blend.

UPDATE 4/20/2020

WOW! Over 100 of you contributed your preferences to our community beer and we are off to a great start.

When we tallied up all your input, we are beginning with a beer that is:

Medium Amber 12 SRM
Moderate in alcohol, 5.5% ABV
3 on the malt hop scale.   (1 being the most malt-forward, 10 being the most hop-forward.)

There are a lot of World styles that fit this description:
European Amber Lager
Czech Amber Lager
Marzen Lager
Vienna Lager
Amber Kellerbier Lager
British Bitter
Irish Red Ale
Belgian Pale Ale
American Amber Ale
California Common Beer
German Altbier

So you can see we still have some decisions to make.  But we don’t need to make a traditional World style- those are just so you can get your head around how this beer is developing.  The rest is yours to decide.


Stone Corral is celebrating Spring and the resilience of our wonderful community with a special beer we want you to help design. Throughout our time in business, our local community has been a constant force for inspiration.  Your support has been overwhelming and heartwarming, and we treasure the many wonderful friendships made over the years, especially in this time of uncertainty.  A portion of the proceeds from this project will benefit local non-profit groups supporting our community.

You be the brewer!

You don’t need to know how to brew, you just need to know what you like.  We will post links to a survey where you get to tell us what you think our community beer should be like.  We’ll take all the input, sort it, and craft a beer that represents all your collective preferences.

It takes a village…

Crafting a beer that represents our community is a big undertaking.  We need your input.  Every opinion counts toward the final result.  You get to pick the color, strength, flavors and special ingredients in our survey, and we will design the beer to match your collective preferences and then, you get to choose the name.

The fun starts now.

*Follow the link below to get started. You can participate anonymously, or leave your name in the comments.  Choose whatever makes you happy in a beer and submit the survey.  Please think about what represents our community, as well as your own preferences.  There are three steps: You choose the most general characteristics in the first survey. Do you want our beer to be dark? Amber? Light? How hoppy? How malty? How strong? Then, once we know where our community beer is heading, we will offer you options to refine the flavors in step 2. Lastly, you get to help name our community beer.

The end result:

We will collect all of your input and average the results in the first round. Then our expert brewers will decide what options you can vote on to make the beer special.  The winning options then will be included in the recipe.  Then you get to suggest a name for our community brew.  It’s all about you.  Well, all of us, really.  The final product will be brewed in May and be ready for your quaffing pleasure in cans and on draft in early June, just in time to celebrate summer.

Spread the word, have fun, and watch for updates!


*This survey has concluded.


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